About Me

Richard Freer MA BA (Hons.) PGCE

My artwork focuses on two aspects. Firstly expressing emotions and thoughts relating to situations I am dealing with in life through symbolic representation. Secondary is that of developing technical skills and pushing the possibilities of what can be expressed emotionally with painting and drawing.

The images that are expressed in my paintings are symbolic of feelings and emotions that are experienced through powerful emotions. I use my painting as a way of expressing how I feel visually.

Gemma Colins – Leicestershire Life Magazine

‘ Drawing directly from nature’s ever changing palette Richard Freer is an artist intrigued by the colour effects, textures and sensory perceptions of nature’

Peggy Gibson – Modern Artists Gallery

‘ Richard Freer is a ‘specialist of light’  his paintings are energizing and require no added artificial light,  just thriving on natural daylight  and magically taking the viewer far away to a warm place.’

On this web site you will find images of my artwork. Please contact me I you have any questions about my artwork or if you are interested in purchasing a piece.

You will also find information on current exhibitions, galleries and consultancies.

Richard Freer – Fine Artist